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Capernwray DownUnder is a unique option to get the best out of a whole year. As Capernwray Australia and New Zealand, we created three packages, that fit perfectly together. Going “DownUnder” is great for you as you only have to apply once and all programs fit together seamlessly. This way the all subjects complement each other.

Our programs are great for anyone who loves to discover the Bible, grow in their relationship to the Lord and truly discover the reality of the indwelling life of Christ. Within your time in “DownUnder”, you will be challenged in many ways to go one step further than you imagined. Come and join this life-changing adventure!



Are the flights included

No, due to fluctuating costs and individual travel plans we cannot offer flights. Please contact us if you need any help, we can also help you find cheap flights if you need.

Is there any difference between DownUnder students and normal program students?

No, each centre will treat you like a new arriving student. Each package is designed to line up with a new student intake.

Can i create my own package?

Yes, if the packages listed do not suit you please contact us and we can work to your schedule and create a package for you.

Could we not have arranged this ourselves?

Yes, the reason for the DownUnder package is to take the guess-work and confusion out for you. We have also worked really hard to align the best programs from each centre to give you the best possible “DownUnder” experience. We have found that the DownUnder packages are the best options any student can get.

What Do I Do In Between The Programs?

We have come up with a range of possible activities for each Package option. They include (depending on time of the year) helping at our youth camps, working locally, an internship with a local church or personal travel. If you have any questions about what is available for your particular package choice we are more than happy to help you with this.



Christ in you, the hope of glory

- Colossians 1:27

One message can change the world – Jesus Christ. Torchbearers exist to provide a quality Christ-centred community where each individual is taught and nurtured in the Word of God. Our goal is teaching Scripture so that the students will know God, their relationship to Him and the reality of the risen, indwelling Christ in their lives.

They will have a deeper knowledge of the Bible and how all its parts interrelate and will be better able to serve in their church and local communities as their confidence in the Word of God and person of Christ excites them to contribute effectively.

What does it look like?