"Jesus Christ Himself is the final exegesis of all truth. He is all that we need to know about God, and He is all that we need to know about man."

– Major I. Thomas

In the lectures, you learn how to study the Bible, lead a small group and how to share the gospel and your faith with friends and strangers. You’ll get many of opportunities to share the love of Christ in the communities and engage with local churches. Our goal is, that you will discover the reality of Christ living in and through you, as well as finding God’s plan for your life and future.


Bible Study


Christ centered



maybe you asked yourself, what is happening at a bible school, we might have some answers for you


During lectures, you will be taught on biblical books or topics (ex. Prayer, Apologetics). You also learn how to structure a bible study and lead a small group.

Bible Study

You get the opportunities to prepare a few bible studies during the course. A few are written and marked and others are to be presented to your family group.


It is really important to not just learn in lectures but also walk with other believers and learn from them what it means to live by faith. Therefore the staff takes time to invest in the students and see them getting more mature in their faith.


The good news of the gospel can’t and shouldn’t be kept secret. Therefore we go out the streets, the communities and other location to share the gospel and show them the love of Christ. For example, we organize lunchtime programs in schools or help people in the community to paint their house.


In family groups you spend life together with the staff, encourage each other and grow in your relation to the Lord.  You will have bible studies together, travel to beautiful places and enjoy a tasty dinner. Your family group will quickly become one of the most precious times of the week.

Adventure, Fun & Coffee

During all the program you will find time to enjoy the great culture and nature. Enjoying a perfect flat-white, hiking on the paths of Bilbo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee or just relaxing at the beach. We offer quite a few opportunities for you to make your time unforgettable.


Monavale Bible School (MBS)

New Zealand

A 20-week adventure of getting to know God more, digging deeper into His word and discovering the reality of the indwelling life of Christ. Every aspect of life at Bible School, from personal devotion time to the scheduled lectures, from discipleship groups to weekly ministries, is designed to nurture spiritual growth so that you become a person whose life continually points others to the Person of Jesus Christ.

We seek to teach, train and equip those that want to learn more about the life that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord; preparing them for future ministry.


New Zealand

BML is a 10-week Bible teaching programme that focuses on how to be professional in the things we do (whether work, church, ministry) whilst maintaining our integrity.

The idea was to address the paradox in today’s society that ‘business’ and ‘ministry’ are mutually exclusive.Some would say that if you want to be PROFESSIONAL there is no room for you in ministry and if you have INTEGRITY there is no room for you in business!
Of course, this is complete nonsense. The bible is packed with examples that show us God’s standard for ‘work’ whatever it is and whoever it’s for.

Bible – Discipleship – Mission (BDM)


BDM 1 (Bible, Discipleship, Mission) is a 20-week bible school program.  We don’t simply fill our heads with information but we engage in transformation! And we don’t do it alone, we live in community together and engage in daily discipleship.

Faith in action here at Capernwray prepares for a life in Christ wherever He may take you! Let the life of Jesus shine through you so that this world can see God’s power in action. Putting into practice what is learned in the classroom is a very important aspect for us. Therefore we send students out, to local school and churches to share the love of Christ and step out in faith.

Within the two-week break in April, students can either travel and explore the country or join one of the mission trips. The program includes a week of adventure program, in which the students can explore the great outdoors and learn to surrender to the Lord.

Leadership, Internship, Training (LIT)


The Leadership Internship Training Course is designed for students who have completed BDM 1 or an equivalent Bible School at any Torchbearer School internationally. It offers 8 weeks of residential training on campus with specialist ministry input as well as Biblical input. Each week will be stand-alone so that local youth pastors etc. can opt to come for a week and cover a specialist area (eg leadership; apologetics; strategies for reaching a community; personal development).

After the 8 weeks of residential input, there is an option for those participating to be ‘placed’ in a local or regional church or ministry for 10 weeks. The host church or ministry provides accommodation for the students and oversees their service as ‘interns’ alongside their existing church leadership and staff. Capernwray oversees the placement and provides support in any way possible (eg visiting, regular communication, prayer). Students will then return to Capernwray for a week of debrief.


and the same good message – Christ. Combine programs from the two ‘down under’ countries and get the most out of it.


Capernwray Australia is located about an hour south of Sydney and just a 45min drive from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The center is next to a beautiful nature reverse next to a river. Early in the morning, you can watch the birds and kangaroos while the sun rises. Do not forget your camera! In the afternoon make your way to Bowral or Moss Vale and enjoy a great flat-white while you write your bible study. You are accommodated in rooms with up to 6 students. Some rooms have the bathroom in their room, others share a bathroom with others on the floor. There is a limited amount of rooms for married couples as well.

New Zealand

Just a short drive away from the Hobbiton, Capernwray New Zealand is located on the beautiful north island. Surrounded by great nature and some small towns, its a great place to (re)focus on Christ. With its location, it is great to be not be distracted by the busyness of life and at the same time not too far to be isolated. Enjoy a swim in the pool, a game of tennis or just relax on a walk through the gardens. On a free weekend, you can grab some friends and discover the countryside of New Zealand. If you are a fan of the lord of the rings or the hobbit you will find a lot to discover.


Autumn School + LIT

17,074 NZD

MBS Feb (NZ)
Feb 3 – July 2

July 12 – Dec 04

Autumn School + LIT

17,734 NZD

MBS Feb (NZ)
Feb 2 – July 1

July 18 – Dec 10